The strangest thing about Leila’s friendship with Stacey was that they were so different, yet they’d somehow managed to stay friends since they met in middle school. Leila had come out as gay, and Stacey had been the most supportive friend since then. They told each other everything. But what Stacey didn’t know was how much Leila secretly fantasized about fucking Stacey’s gorgeous cousin, Danica.

Leila became attracted to her since the first summer Danica stayed over at Stacey’s parents’ house, and then the attraction intensified as the years passed. Danica got hotter as the years passed, and Leila could only fantasize about her each time she spent the holidays at Stacey’s house. It was physical torture for Leila when they went swimming, and she’d stare transfixed at Danica in her bikini and wish she could trail her tongue over every inch of that gorgeous body.

Now, this was Danica’s last summer there. Afterward, she was going backpacking around Europe. Leila was determined to finally have sweet Danica writhing in pleasure underneath her and screaming her name as she came.

The girls had an epic sleepover, and the next morning, Stacey left to get some breakfast from the diner down the street, leaving both girls home alone, still under the covers.

“I’ll go take a shower now.” Danica said, pulling herself out of bed and into the bathroom, discarding her clothes as she went, not even minding that Leila was still in bed watching her. Danica was in the shower for about twenty minutes, then she stepped out naked, with droplets of water cascading over her slender shoulders and back.

That was it – Leila could no longer rein in her desires.

She slowly got out of bed and walked to the dresser, where Danica stood staring at her reflection in the mirror as she dried her hair with a towel. Slowly, Leila began to trail her fingers along Danica’s shoulders, from her neck, down her spine, and finally to her curvy ass, letting her hand squeeze lightly as she stared deeply into Danica’s eyes through the mirror.

Danica’s lips fell open as Leila drew Danica toward her, pushing their bodies flush against each other’s. Leila slowly began to trail hot kisses down Danica’s neck, nibbling and biting her shoulders as she held her eyes in the mirror, watching as lust clouded Danica’s eyes. Leila trailed one hand to her belly and began her slow accent up to her breasts, gently grabbing the soft mound of flesh. Danica’s hard nipples pressed into her hands, begging her for more.

Danica gasped softly as Leila kneaded her breasts, rolling her nipples slowly between her fingers. She could sense Danica’s control beginning to shatter as she pushed her hips back into Leila, spreading her legs wider and inviting her into her warmth.

Leila spun her around, pushing her against the mirror they were staring at. She planted her hands underneath Danica’s ass and lifted her unto the dresser.

“Spread your legs for me, baby. I want to see you.” She whispered seductively into Danica’s ears, letting her warm breath fan against her skin as she felt her shiver underneath her touch.

Slowly, Danica began to spread her legs wider as Leila pushed herself between them. She took one nipple into her mouth as her hand skillfully kneaded the other breast, playing with her erect nipples till they were taut and swollen. She sucked on the nipple in her mouth, nipping and biting softly. Danica began to moan louder now, throwing her head back and arching her spine on the dresser as she held Leila’s head in place.

Frantically, she pulled Leila up and smashed her lips against Leila’s, instantly intertwining their tongues in a fiery hot kiss as she undid the belt of Leila’s bathrobe. She pushed it off her shoulders, leaving Leila naked. Danica grabbed her waist with a low moan.

Her breathing was rough and ragged as she began to trail kisses down Leila’s neck, grabbing her breasts and biting her flesh as she went. Frantically she grabbed Leila’s hand and began to guide it up her thighs, showing her just what she needed. But Leila was in no rush.

She slowly let her hands trail up Danica’s inner thighs before finally touching her pussy. Massaging her wet clit, she went back to taking Danica’s nipple in her mouth, while her other hand roamed her naked body.

“Leila-yes, yes, please don’t stop! Please, I need you inside me.”

Danica was breathing so hard now, crying out as Leila’s fingers rubbed faster against her clit. Finally, Leila slipped two fingers into her dripping cunt, and she began to thrust into her slowly, picking up her pace as she bit Danica’s supple breasts.

“Yes! Leila, please don’t stop. Harder. Harder! Fuck me! Yes, Yes! Just like that!” Danica screamed, head thrown back in absolute bliss.

She began to rock violently and faster against Leila’s fingers, losing her rhythm as she begged and cried, moaning her name over and over. Leila curled her fingers, touching that spot that made Danica cling to her, gasping for breath.

“Oh, Leila. I’m so close, don’t stop. Yes! Just like that! Just like that, Leila, don’t stop! Make me come just for you, baby. Make me come!”

She was rocking faster against Leila’s fingers now, her face contorted in pure euphoria as she clutched Leila tighter to her body.

“I’m gonna come! Yes! I’m coming!” She screamed, nails digging into Leila’s shoulders as her body convulsed. The walls of her pussy tightened around Leila’s fingers as she climaxed all over the dresser and Leila’s fingers. Her body fell limply against Leila’s as she tried to calm her racing heart.

“How was that?” Leila asked a barely coherent Danica, who was still leaning against her shoulder.

“Amazing.” Danica’s warm breath fanned Leila’s neck. “And it only took you six years to finally work up the courage. But this isn’t over. I get to play with you now too. It’s my turn.”

Danica winked at a stunned Leila, and a mischievous smile made its way to her face. Sliding down from the dresser, she got to her knees and trailed her finger along Leila’s wet folds.

“It’s your turn to scream my name.”